How Do I Rent a Board?

1.  Reserve Online Here.

2.  Call or Text at 310.940.1626.

3.  After you reserve please sign our waiver once you book your lesson or rental. 

4.  If your SUP questions are not answered below read our FAQ page.

Where are the Boards Located?

Pewaukee Lake, WI?  Yes. 

I know you thought it was only on the Ocean, but you can do this on Pewaukee Lake or any body of water.  You can even catch a wave if some nice (or not so nice) boater gives you their wake.   Pewaukee Lake is the perfect learning ground and if you fall in the worse thing that is going to happen to you, is your gonna get wet.  We are preparing you all to head down with us to Costa Rica to try out Paddle-Surfing!

We only have 12 rental boards and 1 instructor board in our fleet.  Reservations are recommended for weeek-ends – especially when the weather is nice.

How do we find you once we are @ 129 Park Ave?

lease look for the Koha Yoga flag flying in front of the first building South of Smokey's Bait shop.  Walk towards the flag and onto the deck.   Then you will see the Koha Yoga Sign.  If we are not there, call/text us @ 310.940.1626 or 323.360.4115.  If we don't answer go into Smokey's Bait shop and ask where we are. Sometimes we are "seeing a man about a dog" or sometimes we are on the water with a lesson and will be back shortly.
Hopefully, the pictures below will help you find us even easier.


  1. 1 Hour | $20               
  2. 2-4 hours | $30            
  3. 4-8 hours | $50

On your birthday you get a free rental.

Offsite Rentals (own transport)  $50  (we can transport them for an extra fee)

Rentals Include:

  • 11’4” Bic ACS Paddle Board
  • Adjustable Paddle
  • Life Vest


  • You must be 11+ to paddle (must have adult supervision)
  • 18+ to rent. Signed waivers, valid ID and payment due at time of rental. (We accept cash/check/CC)
  • Rentals may not be offered due to poor weather conditions, special events or heavy lake traffic.

Can I take the Board to a different Lake?

Yes.  Please take the paddleboards to a different lake.  We rent them for $50 for the day if you take them away.  You can quickly and easily drive away with the boards to wherever you like (you can take it to any surrounding lake and if there is a surf on Lake Michigan you’ll have a blast).  You don’t need racks or anything if you have a truck!  Multiple-day and week-long rentals are also available. 

What to Bring?

The first rule is be comfortable on your stand up paddle experience on Pewaukee Lake.  if it is windy wear some sort of sweatshirt or windbreaker.  If it is sunny wear your sunscreen.  As a girl, I like to wear my swimsuit under a pair of shorts.  Guys usually wear board shorts and maybe a T-shirt.

No Shoes are needed (in fact you get better balance with out shoes).

Here are a few reminders:

  1. Make sure you wear sunscreen
  2. Clothing that can get wet (usually a swimsuit under yoga like clothes)
  3. If you wear sunglasses be sure to strap them around your neck in case you fall in. 
  4. A towel and or a change of clothes
  5. Expect to fall just once, it’s refreshing and  part of the fun of working out above a body of water.

What we Provide

  1. Life Jackets (but you have your favorite bring your own)
  2. Board
  3. Paddle
  4. An amazing Experience

What will you learn on a Lesson.

Our 1.5 hour lesson is designed to make sure you get the most out of your paddle board experience.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is SUP (Stand-Up Paddling)?
  • Safety and awareness on the water and board
  • Board balance and standing up
  • Proper paddling technique
  • Stopping and turning
  • Knee paddling
  • How to fall “safely”
  • Lesson will conclude with a paddle session
  • A little yoga to get you balanced

You can check our availability here.  Call us @ 310-940-1626 or email us at

You can have up to 11  people per instructor including board, paddle, and life jacket.

$60 | one person
$90 | 2 people
$105 | 3 people
$140 | 4 people  ($30 plus for each additional person after 4)

Make sure everyone signs our waiver if you already made a reservation.

You can always take an advanced lesson or a Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Class.


SUP Yoga & Fitness Classes

Koha Yoga is thrilled to give you Yoga and Fitness classes on our paddleboards. All of our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable.  Scroll down to find a class and sign up – we can’t wait to see you on the water! Please stay up to date with us (as weather in Boulder changes frequently) by following us on

1.  SUP Yoga

SUP-Yoga is the fusion of Yoga on a Paddleboard while on the beautiful Pewaukee Lake.  You get to experience Yoga outside and under the sun (on an anchored board).

A SUP-Yoga (all levels) class is 60 minutes long.  You should already know how to paddleboard, if not, take a lesson before you take the SUP-Yoga class. 

  • $30 per class
  • Private/Group Rates are available

Tuesday – 


Wednesday – 


2.  Paddle Bootcamp

You will be jumping, paddling, strengthening, balancing and incorporating techniques from paddling, yoga, Pilates, and core conditioning principles on and maybe even around the board .that will provide you a fun way to  stay in shape, or get yourself in shape. **it is required that you are very confident with swimming and being on the board**

  • $30 per class
  • Private/Group Rates are available

Wednesday 9am
or upon request

3.  Paddleboard Tour

This might not be fitness, but it sure is fun.  Whakpaignia the owner of Koha Yoga will take you on a tour of Pewaukee Lake.  He will take you to his favorite spots under the railway trellis...and his favorite bars.  Although, Whaka is not a native Wisconsinite he is a Kiwi  and enjoys a good beer just like you!  1 Drink included in the price.

  • $40 per 3 hour session (over 3 people $30)
  • Private bookings only

Only Upon Request!

Must make a reservation to ensure an instructor will be there.


Group or Corporate Party

Wanna celebrate your child's birthday?  Want to do something unique for your employees?  Wish you could have a unique  bacholorette party?

Koha Yoga offers group and private party rentals for our stand up paddleboards. Enjoy a beautiful day on Pewaukee Lake with your friends, family and coworkers! We offer both, 2 hour,  full and half day rental/lesson packages.

Koha Yoga can travel to your location or we can cater you at our shorefront Pewaukee Lake location. Group rentals includes (up to) 13 boards, 13 paddles, life jackets and a fun instructor to help you make the most of your party.

Request a Party Today.


Paddleboard Weather Conditions

Wisconsin is known for it's summer storms.  But you might not have thought about the wind.

You have 24 hours in advanced to cancel an appointment.  But, let's say it is raining or can cancel/reschedule 5 minutes before your lesson. 

If the wind is greater than 12 mph, you might want to reconsider coming out on a less windy day. 

We also have the option of transporting to a different location on Pewaukee Lake and experiencing a down-winder.  That depends on the wind conditions and if it is raining.  Keep up to date with the weather and watch the wind speed.

Paddle E-Gift Cards

You wanna give the gift of Paddleboarding?  You can buy the gift certificate online and either print it out or send it directly to the person via email.

You can choose a package or you can choose a dollar amount.  If you choose the dollar amount you can specify what it should be used for.

Buy your gift certificate today.