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Sara and Whaka’s retreat in Costa Rica was beyond amazing. The days were full of movement, but the flow of the day was relaxed and flexible. They are intuitive instructors and have amazing gifts. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the retreat. I would, without a doubt, book another retreat or participate in one of the many workshops they host.
— Kerry, Maine, USA

Love these guys! A guaranteed great time and great workout too!
— Amy, Redondo Beach, USA
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Acropeutic Thai Massage Testimonials

Wow! What a great Koha Yoga massage you gave me! I was in such pain and I’m feeling very relieved. You have such a great gift…I need another one soon!
— Zoe, Sherman Oaks, CA
Just one time with the Koha Yoga team, I felt an immense amount of relief throughout my body. The tightness in my back and neck was gone and I felt that my overall well being was increased.
— Kelli T, Manhattan Beach, CA
I met Lucky (Whakapaingia’s nickname) after he fixed up a rugby buddy of mine after a game of touch rugby right on the beach in Santa Monica. My friend called me and told me he’d booked a session for me and no questions, just go. I showed up with very little knowledge of Lucky’s practice and gave it a try. In the year that I have been seeing Lucky I’ve referred several friends to both his flying yoga massage practice and his regular yoga classes. Working with Lucky has been an instrumental part of my crusade to get fit. His sense of humor and sincere caring about my wellness has made the trek rigorous, fun and successful.
— Jim D, Mar Vista, CA
I rarely indulge in a massage, partially because I feel lazy for laying there for and hour or more of guilty spoil, and partially because I cant’ stomach spending money on something that seems so temporary. But with Koha, its a different story!!

Whaka truly customizes his massages. For me, he combined flying, thai massage and deep tissues/sweedish massage for massages that feel more like a sweet combination of an easy yoga class, accupressure, alignment and a massage all in one! The result is a relaxing, releasing and therapeutic massage that stays with you for days after the massage.

Words can’t describe the experience! Such a gift!
— Lindsey J., Venice, CA
Whaka gives clear directions verbally and with little physical touches. He guided me into stretchy positions and gradually I melted. When we finished my session I felt revived. I simply felt better.
— Katy D., Oakland, CA
Flying Opened a million doors in my mind- Thank you Sara and Whaka! Rock on!
— Jennifer Espenscheid, Milwaukee, WI, USA

AcroYoga Testiominials

Kia ora Waka & Sara - Flying yoga: I did it once and want it to be my new habit but still waiting for the next opportunity! It fixed my menstruation cycle so I am very grateful as it was always a stop start kinda time. Ladies, it will help if you have irregular periods...go for it you have nothing to lose. The other great benefit was how energised I felt afterwards - fantastico, kia ora
— Anna, New Zealand
I completely loved the entire experience of Flying Yoga. It was hard for me at first to accept the fact that I would have to trust another person to lift me but once I surrendered to that idea it was very liberating. I thought that I would be really good at being the base in the partner phase but that was more difficult than expected, it wasn’t until my second workshop that I felt more confident at it.

After the Koha Yoga experience, I had such a feeling of euphoria for the next few days. It helped me to improve my own classes of yoga; to build a sense of community at every gathering. I’ve noticed that the people who attended the workshop felt a greater bond with each other and that it is lasting. Thank you for sharing your gift with us at Peace Yoga Studio.
— Diane Sutrick, Menomonee Falls, WI Peace Yoga Studio

PaddleBoard Testimonials

Thanks to Koha Yoga the eXtreme team was able to cross one more item off our bucketlist, SUP or Stand Up Paddleboarding!While it is strange at first to get used to paddling while standing, the cool still lake water makes getting the hang of it quite easy. The calm steady demeanor of our guide definitely helped as well.

The grand finale was the Acro Yoga lesson that was provided after we docked our boards. Every one of us got to feel the benefits of some good acrobatic traction with a yoga twist. Our guide said at the end of each session, “Welcome to the new you,” and I have to say I actually felt that right then and lasted even days after.
I highly recommend catching the folks at Koha Yoga for a SUP lesson and some Acro Yoga fun afterwords!
— Sarah, Extreme Moms