Paddle On Pewaukee Lake


We are kind of like a hidden gem.  Once you find us you are set, but it takes a little detective work. We are NOT at the beach, we are kiddy corner from the beach.  we are the 4th building down on Park Ave. You can park in the parking lot of 145 Park ave or on Lake St.  (which is the next street perpendicular to park ave)

Once you park, please look for the Koha Yoga flag flying in front of the old historic Lannon Stone building South of the old Smokey's Bait shop (it is now called Laimon Lakeside Park).  Walk towards the flag and onto the deck.   Then you will see the Koha Yoga Shop.  Look at the pictures below.

If we are not there, call/text us @ 310.940.1626 or 323.360.4115.  If we don't answer look at the whiteboard, we might be on a lesson.

How do we find you once we are @ 145 Park Ave.?