What to Bring

The first rule is to be comfortable on your stand up paddle experience on Pewaukee Lake.  if it is windy wear some sort of sweatshirt or windbreaker.  If it is sunny wear your sunscreen.  As a girl, I like to wear my swimsuit under a pair of shorts.  Guys usually wear board shorts and maybe a T-shirt.

No Shoes are needed (in fact you get better balance with out shoes).

Please Sign Waiver (it is electronic), please do not even think about printing it!

Here are a few reminders:

  1. Make sure you wear sunscreen
  2. Clothing that can get wet (usually a swimsuit under yoga like clothes)
  3. If you wear sunglasses be sure to strap them around your neck in case you fall in. 
  4. A towel and or a change of clothes
  5. Expect to fall just once, it’s refreshing andpart of the fun of working out above a body of water.

What we Provide

  1. Life Jackets (but you have your favorite bring your own)
  2. Board
  3. Paddle
  4. An amazing Experience