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A balance of giving and receiving.

Inviting another person into your practice literally expands your yoga experience. Whether by yourself or with a partner, you’ll have an increased ability to discover what yoga is really about – union. Working together with a friend, the person you love, or a new friend, you’ll explore the qualities of trust, balance, surrender, and play!

AcroYoga/Flying Yoga/Circus Yoga/Trust Yoga (whatever you want to call it) is a delightful blend of partner yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. One partner, the flyer, is supported in aerial asanas and inversions. The inverted poses can be combined with massage, creating a therapeutic experience, allowing the spine of the flyer to open and stretch while the base (the person supporting the flyer) receives a strengthening exercise.


AcroYoga Private Session

45 minute long sessions.  

$95 - for a private individual

$ 45/ each for a 2 person lesson

$ 40/ each for 3 people

$ 30/ each for 4 people



All Classes

You’ll experience a journey of discovery during each AcroYoga class:

  • Whauna (family): By getting to know everyone, what they bring to the class and what you might be able to offer them, we create a sense of community and trust.

  • Kia Kaha (strength): By doing partner poses that encourage us to use our body in a powerful manner, your confidence will grow, as well as your ability to take on challenges with strength.

  • Aroha (love): By incorporating basic Thai massage, you will experience the joy of connection and touch, which puts us in a place to give and receive the Koha (gift) of flying.

  • Whakawhetai (gratitude): Being one with our community is a natural byproduct of the experience and what we invite you to share with the rest of your world.

Wear comfortable yoga clothes and bring a mat. Whether alone or with someone you love, you will definitely meet a great community of people.

Private/Group Classes

Whether you are just starting out in yoga or looking to strengthen a strong practice with a deeper understanding of breath, movement, and the benefit of uniting both of these elements, Koha Yoga can help you develop and expand your personal yoga practice. Whether through group practice, a private class or a personal Flying Yoga session with you and your partner or community of friends, Koha Yoga is open to helping you creating the optimal gift to yourself or your community.

  • Private class (1 to 4 people)

  • Partner sessions

  • Package/group rates available

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