Bodywork - Myofascial Release, Acropeutic, &  Thai Massage

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Whakapaingia will take you on an unforgettable journey with your own body.  The start of the Acropeutic session begins with "flying."  Imagine yourself like a kid on top of someone else's feet but in a therapeutic/healing manner. Hard to imagine, right? Well, it is way better to just experience it.  Some have called the flying experience "the best thing they have ever done" or "the perfect mixture of a chiropractic adjustment and massage."  You will be able to relax and enjoy your time with Whakapaingia because he has a lot of experience.  He has flown over 7,000 people on 4 different continents since 2009.   You will confidently be floating on top of the perfect hands and feet.  After the amazing flight, you will receive a Thai massage that will help reset your body, mind, and spirit.  


A Koha Thai Yoga Massage includes Thai Yoga Acropeutic (flying therapeutic acrobatic experience). The Thai massage continues on the floor where you are stretched, compressed, and realigned. Thai is different from Western massage in that no table or oil are used, and you stay fully clothed.   

  • Available in your own home or in a private studio setting.
  • Customize your Koha Yoga Bodywork through combining Acropeutics, Thai Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Lomi Lomi to meet your own needs.
  • Wear comfy yoga, loosely fitted clothing for your Koha Yoga Bodywork session.  Just call/text 310-940-1626 or contact us here.