#flyastranger Instagram Challenge

The Revolution starts one person at a time.  That is why @kohayoga and @acropedia are starting a contest called  #flyastranger to start out 2015.  With this challenge/ contest the top 3 folks will get a Sure Design T-shirt or tank.

My story of  how #acrorevolution changed my life starts with me and a stranger (#flyastranger ) back in April, 2009. I was 31 years old and, at that point, I had given up on relationships.  I was on my way to Italy, but before I got to the airport, I had to get a pair of purple pants. I missed that flight, but luckily I rescheduled the flight for the next day. Albeit fate brought me back home to Venice, CA.

I took my yoga mat and my hula-hoop and walked to the beach. In that short walk, I saw a man throwing a ginormous sand bag in the air and catching it. I knew instantly that he was going to be my partner, at least my flying partner. I then asked this stranger (#flyastranger) if he wanted to fly and he said, "no". Since I don’t take “no” for an answer easily, I strategically placed my mat within the strangers eyesight. I started to fly other strangers. The stranger that said “no” ran up to me and asked for my business card, I gave him one and the rest is history.

That stranger, Whaka,  and I have been together and are partners in life and flight.  We have a 4 year old, travel the world, and teach acro, yoga, thai massage, and paddleboarding.

I am not saying if you fly a stranger you will find your life partner, but you will spread the revolution of acro (#acrorevolution). If you have never flown a stranger, you will get to be amazed by their responses: "that is amazing", "I feel so good", "I didn't think you could fly me", “my life is forever changed”, “do you need a place to stay” and you might hear from random strangers "will you marry me?"

So to start the new year, we are inviting you to #flyastranger Instagram contest.

Here is what you need to get started:\

Knowledge :  how to fly(acropedia.org is a great place to start) or take a class acromaps.org is a great to find a class near you

Stranger:  find them in a bar, library, yoga class, party, grocery store, etc…

Spotter:  if you feel like you need a spot please respect you and the flyer

Photographer:  you can do selfies or whatever works just make sure you capture the moment

Tag:  @kohayoga  and @acropedia

 Hashtag:  #flyastranger   #acrorevolution

Fly:  at least 10 people.  If you are an overachiever you can fly more.

Extra Credit:  include a story of your flight

Every few days we will post a picture  inspiration of how you can fly you’re a stranger, but if you have the skills use them and be creative.  The top three contestants will win a Sure Design tank or t-shirt.

The winner will be announced in February, 2015.