The Acro Revolution Acropeutics Teacher Training:  Path to become a confident practitioner and teacher


Wanna teach Acropeutics? Wanna be a better practitioner? Here is your chance. Be part of the first Acro Revolution Acropeutics teacher training. Submit your application & video today. 

Dates:  TBD

Location:  A beautiful beach somewhere awesome

The Acro Revolution Acropeutics Teacher Training is an 8 day experience in which participants learn how to use partner acrobatics as a therapeutic tool for healing. In this training you will learn how to embody the art of therapeutic touch, and how to use your body as an instrument for healing others. We will not learn a script, but rather learn how to deliver Acropeutics and teaching as an art form. The teacher training is broken up into 2 separate 4 day weekends. You will receive 80 hours of direct training and learn from 2 of the best therapeutics instructors in the world, as they take you on a journey into reaching your own potential as a practitioner and teacher of Acropeutics!



-Comfortably flown at least 25-50 people in folded leaf before you attend the training
-Confident with these 5 acropeutic skills
          -folded leaf, scare crow, leaf hugger, reverse namaskar, super yogi
-Get this App
        -Essential Anatomy 5  



Whaka is the spiritual heartbeat of  Koha Yoga and Acro Revolution tribe. Having always been a warrior and athlete, Whaka found the healing power of acropeutics and the joy of acrobatics when he was living in the US as a rugby player. In 2005, he started his healing journey after giving up his perception that yoga “was for girls” and not for tough guys. A few months into his practice, Whaka noticed his body recovered from tough rugby matches without the usual drugs or surgery. Through the path of yoga he learned to heal himself. Whaka then began to give this gift of healing to others by becoming a certified yoga teacher and thai massage practitioner.Whaka found acro serendipitously on a beach when a women approached him and asked him if he wanted to fly. That woman became his wife, Sara. In one day Whaka found his life long passion and the person he would share that gift to the world with for the rest of his life.  Whaka & Sara founded Koha Yoga in 2009. Koha is the Maori word for gift. Whaka & Sara travel around the world with their daughter Tahi, helping people discover the gifts of trust, joy, laughter, play, balance, and release through acro, acropeutics, yoga, and paddle-boarding.


Eric is a licensed manual therapist, functional movement therapist, certified Acro Revolution teacher, and has trained in various other healing arts including neural and fascial movement therapy and taping, structural integration, osteo-symmetry® and reiki. With more than 20 years of experience, Eric intuitively guides his students towards balance and health, in their body and acro practice. Eric founded Knalu Balance, dedicated to sharing the love of movement and balance arts. Knalu fosters a community of trust, communication, healing, and play through acro yoga, slackline, hand balancing, and acropeutics.

Eric provides instruction in acro, acropeutics, functional balanced movement, and manual therapy.