Koha Yoga's Philosophy


From Koha Yoga's Acropuetics, AcroYoga, Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, Aerial Yoga, or even just plain old Yoga.  Koha Yoga will give the gift of connection; the experience of linking movement mindfully to your breathe .

"May what you think, say, and do be in alignment with your true authentic self."

There are many reasons to start going to a yoga class.  You might want a workout, you might want more balance, flexibility, or power.  Or you might be looking for the love of your life.  Whatever has brought you to the point of wanting more yoga is irrelevant.  The relevant things is, You Are Here! There are very few things you can actually control in your life.  Yoga teaches you in this game of life you can control your reaction and your breathe.

When you start looking at life as a game. We start to see yoga as the way to practice the things we can control.  As we practice more and more a beautiful unveiling begins to happen (even if we can't touch our toes) we begin to get glimpses of our true authentic self.

Koha Yoga classes incorporates play into their traditional mat classes. vinyasa flow - consisting of Yoga basics such as the sun salutations, challenging standing poses and often explores arm balances and core strengthening - with breath and movement work that is similar to the Haka- which builds strength and confidence. Haka is a traditional Maori warrior dance that united the warriors body and breathe before they went into battle. Ha-translated means to breathe and -Ka when translated means to ignite.

Yoga is the perfect playground to making life fun.

We urge you, as a human in this auspicious time to re-create, re-calibrate, re-align, re-new yourself.  Everything you need to know is already inside of you, we are here to just remind you and help you draw it out.  Koha Yoga would love to practice, learn, teach with you.

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~ Whakapaingia & Sara

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing - George Bernard Shaw”